iPhone & iPad Solutions


Ullr’s Mobile Avalanche Safety Guide™ (MAST™) is the world’s first digital snow and avalanche field notebook. We’ve combined established principles of snow science with the camera, GPS, inclinometer, compass and data communication features of an iPhone to create a simple and easy way to:

Download the most recent avalanche forecast from the regional center nearest you.

  • Record field observations during your tour. Gather location, aspect, slope angle and a photo in one easy step- no cell or Wi-Fi signal required.

  • Use the iPhone or iPad's touch screen to record weather, terrain conditions, and signs of instability; create Snowpit profiles; enter stability test results.

  • Receive warnings if observations are outside safe ranges of established snow science.

  • Transmit your information to the closest regional avalanche center to share with forecasters and fellow backcountry enthusiasts.
  • Obtain educational information to keep your skills and knowledge sharp.  

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